Put a fork in it

Get ready for an epic story.  A story complete with loss, renewal, a battle, and true love!

*Ahem*  I may be overselling it a little.  But the truth is, there were some old shutters that got lost in an attic, I fought some ladies to actually obtain said shuttersat an estate sale, and then my husband (who must truly love me), helped me load them up and take them home.  See? Everything I promised.

But seriously, these shutters were worth it.  Just look at this baby.  I mean, the PATINA…. *drool*


More gratuitous patina shots:



For $10, this original hardwood shutter was a STEAL.  Now you can see why I was battling nice ladies at an estate sale.

Okay, so now what to do with it?  Oh, I already had big plans.  This was going on my dining room wall, of course.  I was inspired by the art I saw in a small vintage shop:


Once I realized the look I was after, it was just a matter of figuring out how to get a fork onto a shutter.


I ended up searching for fork images on Google.  Once I found one I liked, I took it to Kinko’s, and let the nice people there enlarge it.  I measured the space I would be putting the fork image on, so I could give Kinko’s an idea of the dimensions I wanted.


Success!  For just a few bucks, I was able to get a great looking fork on a large sheet of paper.  From there, I simply cut the fork out, and traced with a pencil directly onto the wood.


I then painted the traced area with black paint.  The only black paint I had sitting around was chalkboard paint, which was fine with me since I wanted a very flat finish.  And who knows, maybe one day I want to write on it with chalk.

To finish the piece, I needed to cover the back side to protect my wall.  I had plenty of drop cloth around, and stapled that around the edges.


To hang it, I just zig-zag stapled jute twine on the back, and hung it on a reinforced hook on the wall.

shutter art no text

I think it’s pretty awesome for $10!

diy shutter artFinding these shutters made me realize 1) you don’t have to apologize if you found something first at an estate sale, and 2) if you know you like it, buy it right then and there!

Because I’m not ashamed to fight for patina,


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