DIY lights up my life

When we first moved into our house, there were so many things that needed to be done, I almost didn’t know where to start.   And then it got very, very dark.  That’s when I realized there was absolutely no light over the kitchen table.  Suddenly I knew which project deserved to be at the top of the list. Unfortunately, it appeared that one of the major reasons for the lack of light was also the lack of wiring in the ceiling.

We are planning on remodeling the whole kitchen, but I was not prepared to choose a fixture or put a hole in my ceiling.  Repairing drywall is not in my DIY repertoire (yet). So, in  need of a quick fix that could plug into a wall, I started looking for options.

Lowe's plug in light

I literally had this in my hand at Lowe’s – the only plug in pendant option they had.  I just couldn’t bring myself to actually buy it.  It’s decent for the price, but it does not fit my current style AT ALL.

So, I definitely had to do this one myself. Inspired by drum and crystal fixtures, I figured creating something similar couldn’t be that hard.


I found a linen colored drum shade at Home Goods, and figured I could somehow wire a socket into it.    Finding the drop crystals was harder than I expected.  I tried going to a local “bead shop” that ended up being some guy’s apartment that really did have beads everywhere.  That wasn’t creepy at all.  Then I went to an actual bead shop, but they didn’t have anything I was looking for.   After looking online, like I should’ve done in the first place, I found some beautiful large crystal drops that also weren’t too ornate.

So this is what I ended up with:



Not bad for a $20 shade and some pieces of glass!

I used a very thin gauge wire from a bead store so that it wouldn’t be affected by the heat of the light bulb.  Check out some of the in progress pictures below:




The work station.  Note essential elements: Wine, Trader Joe's gorgonzola crackers.

The work station. Note essential elements: Wine, Trader Joe’s gorgonzola crackers.




I hung the crystals right off the shade.

Once I liked the placement, a drop of superglue kept the wires in place.






For a temporary solution, I thought it turned out pretty well!  Next step: actually making a decision on a permanent fixture!


Because life is too short for ugly lighting,



9 thoughts on “DIY lights up my life

  1. Sad, but I presume that you are not going to continue with you blog? I waited a year before I commented again, but nothing has arrived, so I guess I am right. Or have I missed a whole year of posts?

  2. Hi Susan,

    Thanks for checking in. Around the time I started my blog, I also started a new job that requires travel every week and is pretty demanding. I had good intentions, but just keeping up with daily life and work hasn’t allowed me the time to post.

    However, I still am working on projects and also remodeled my kitchen. I think I am going to “blog” via instagram, since it will be a quick and easy way to post pictures and still interact with people like you who I love hearing from!

    Hopefully you are on instagram and can follow along 🙂

    • Sadly I don’t do instagram……. my life is busy too! but I wonder if you would put a link in your reply to me which I can then copy into my bookmarked stuff, and just dip in when I want a look at your work. That would be good. Because I surely would love to see your before and after pics of the kitchen.

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