Featured Blogger: Meet Lexie!

I don’t know about you guys, but I am SO. READY. for Spring!  Anything that is bright and light is very appealing right now.  So when I came across this incredible mid-century style ombre dresser from Lexie at Living With Lexie, I was smitten.  What’s even more incredible – she found it for $35 on Craigslist!



I love the bright punch of color the dresser brings to the space – so cheerful!  Since this piece was for her little girl’s room, Lexie used a paint chip and got samples of each of the colors in case she needed to touch up the drawers – so smart!

I’ve been thinking about changing out the dressers in my bedroom, since they’re just not fitting into my room as it’s evolving.  As Lexie mentions in her post, refinishing or painting a thrifted dresser is a great way to get a completely custom piece without breaking the bank.  And if it doesn’t quite turn out, no big deal!

I’m keeping my eyes out for a great piece – and I’ll definitely keep Lexie’s tips in mind.  Check out her full tutorial here!

A tale of two tables, part two: Betrayal and redemption

Maybe you can relate: you buy a cute sweater.  The one you’ve been eyeing that finally went on sale.  You love your sweater – it’s so soft! So versatile! You can make it acceptable to wear every day by layering clothes and accessories! But then, just as your serious crush begins to burst into full fledged romance – IT PILLS. Your sweater betrays you by exploding into a diseased, pill-ridden mess, and you wonder what you were thinking when you took it home.   “Laura,” you’re asking, “what on earth does this have to do with furniture?”   I’ll tell you – that’s exactly what my table did to me.

Back when things were still good.

Back when things were still good.

You can read about how I bargained my way to my dining set here.  Things went well.. at first.  Then, my table Continue reading